A Leadership Development Strategy to Bond and Unite

A Leadership Development Strategy to Bond and Unite

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Have you ever had a disagreement that caused a break in a personal or professional relationship and wished you could go back and handle things differently? Have you ever had a relationship dissolve when you thought someone stole your idea for a business, product, or program? Have you ever stood your ground to prove a point and by the time you were willing to see things through the other person’s eyes you’d destroyed the relationship? Have you ever let the frustration from business and life disagreements spill over into other aspects of life?

In G.L.U.E., you’ll find a powerful framework for bringing unity, strength and healing to business and life relationships that are tested by disagreement or betrayal.

G.L.U.E. outlines steps to bring unity to division and create stronger bonds:

  • A framework to build relationships and trust in the midst of conflict
  • Ways to minimize disagreements and negative emotional energy
  • An approach to promote an environment and mindset in which people are supported in their growth, and you grow, too
  • A model to create a unified and inclusive culture at home, in the workplace, and in your community

A must-read for any business, home, community, or church leader intending to grow personal leadership effectiveness and create unity in the world.

It’s an inspiring and motivating story that reminds you what’s truly important in life. If you are going through a tough time, this is exactly the book you need to read. I loved the sentences on page 47: We all need to get ready for the situations where people leave us to go and grow. When they do, they usually take what they learned with them, and that is a good and natural process. It requires understanding and extending our love when people move to their next thing.

—John Eades
CEO of LearnLoft and Author of Building the Best: 8 Proven Leadership Principles to Elevate Others to Success

I’ve always known good things come in small packages. What I can now say is that powerful messages come in short stories! Amy’s book reminds you that you are a leader in so many aspects of your life. This is such a timely message for the world we are all living in. How you choose to lead is up to you. I Choose to lead with a servant’s heart, kindness, grace and quite a bit of G.L.U.E.!

—Paula Tobin
Development Manager, Franciscan Renewal Center

Amy has done an incredible job sharing a story that will hit close to home for so many people. As I read G.L.U.E. I had flashbacks of both business and personal situations that could have been much better if I applied the lessons from this book. The stories and lessons in G.L.U.E. will help you become a better leader and foster stronger personal and business relationships. It is definitely a must read!

—D. Jeff Heggie
Success Coach



Amy believes in people and helps them grow. The “P” in her names stands for her middle name she received from her grandmother Pauline and, nestled between her first and last name, symbolizes the power on the inside of each person to fulfill their purpose. Amy uses her life and work experiences to work alongside people to help them become the leader they were created to be. She is the Vice President of Consulting for the Jon Gordon Companies and a human resources and talent development executive known for building high-performing talent and cultures, including award-winning workplaces and leadership development programs. Amy believes in people and partners to build successful leaders and teams in all aspects of life, whether at home with her husband and four children, in her community, or in organizations around the world.

For more information about Amy and her work, visit www.amypkelly.com.




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